Wakefield-Clark Family Reunion


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Thursday August 22, 2002 at Mission Bay.

Gazebo with view of the bay.

View from the gazebo.

Carolyn, Robert and Mary

Wyatt and Weller on their second tank of gas

Henry and the McCandless girls.

Annie, Dale, Mary and Carolyn.

Tessa and Dale.

Carson sailing with Lisa and her girls.

Franklin and Leigh.

Henry with Putty and girls.

Bee Clark with Cherie and Kamalani Joy on the SeaDoo.


Thursday evening August 22, 2002 at Ranchos Mexican Restaurant.

Serving Putty, Amanda, Katie and Jenna.

Dinner with Sam, Jean, Stuart, Ralph, Weller and Hollida

Dinner with Bill, Franklin, Carloyn and Anne in the foreground.

Mariachi Seranade with Christine and Franklin in the foreground and Richard on the right.