Wakefield-Clark Family Reunion


Friday August 23, 2002 at the Wild Animal Park.

Thanks to Dallas and Mary for a very special day.

"Reunion only" private train ride.

Carolyn, Carson, Robert and Carson with a Lorikeet.

Putty and girls with Lorikeets.

Henry Clark and family

Mary and Dallas Clark with Richard, Bill, Anne Stuart, Sam and Jean.

Carl, Joyce, Joe, Toni, Claudette, Lenita and Henk.

Nita and Henry.

Carson, Carson, Dale, Dallas, Mary and Franklin at the Africa show.

Charlotte, Henry, Mary and Dallas at the bird show.

Bee, Anne, Bill and Caroline at the Africa show.

Ruby, Jed, Franklin, Henry, Putty, Henk, Lisa and Nita with the Clark girls in front.